We are excited to announce that starting in January, 2018, all Paramedic Advantage courses will be offered exclusively through

including our most popular courses:

Other Courses

If you are looking for other courses, like Paramedic Preparatory or EMS tutoring, please email with your request.

Brief Background

For years, CME and Paramedic Advantage have partnered to offer a full compliment of certification and CE courses aimed at the variety of medical providers that serve in California. The management team of both businesses decided that the most strategic approach to serving the community was to combine the resources and talents of both entities into one service that can provide it all!

Student Impact

The only significant change: the website you go to and the phone number you call. Our address is the same; the materials are the same; the instructors are the same; even the process to enroll is the same! We realize that many of our students are repeat customers, so we worked hard to ensure that the look and feel of our courses was the same.

Paramedic Advantage will continue to keep all historical records for 4 years as per policy.  You can email to request replacement documents should you need them.